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It’s Valentine’s again :(

Valentine Oh valentine you come around again
Your little angel missed and his arrow went in vain
I hate that you coming and your presence I disdain
For the ladies will be loved and I will watch in pain

As two days go by with no red flower in sight
My heart will be aching, my brain will fright
Another year has passed and lonely was my fight
To have a decent journey and make it look right

But I miss having emotions, sentiments, feelings
As the years flew by my heart’s crust is peeling
My heart is aching, crying, bleeding and dreaming
Of a second chance to loving, beating and healing

But I will not break and I will not bend
My heart has scars that only I can mend
Give me a lover and to him I will tend
Make his pain mine and all his suffer end

A lover to be partner for the good and the bad
Another story though from the one I had
That one broke my back and made my heart mad
No, a nice story that would make me not be a lad

A story that would summon that woman I buried
Who had to disappear when to a monster was married
That monster she divorced and her own life she carried
With her two beautiful angels on a journey she ferried

Oh valentine be nice be gentle and be kind
Your presence and festivities I do not mind
But for godssake for next year do unwind
And let that arrow of yours my heart find                                                                       Image


Valentine! Damn you!!!

I came to funny conclusion this year about Valentine’s day.

If you’re in love, or married, or in any relationship (be it honest or a game), you kinda like Valentine’s day and look forward to it, no matter how old you are. My colleagues are all married or in a relationship, and they all had their expectations for this love day. One was hoping for a romantic dinner and a gift (of course, women hate it all if no blue box appears to top everything, and we always reply: you have done so much, there was no need…bla bla bla), another for a trip. an escapade (and a gift of course), one wanted a romantic night and plenty of hot kinky sex (and a gift of course)…. It’s nice to see the joy this day spreads around women. And boys i really hope you did your job well this year.

the funny thing about this day is how much it is hated by loners. we dread it and think it’s extremely stupid, insulting, outrageous and should be illegalized. We kinda liked it much more and waited for it anxiously when we had  some story going on.

hmmm…. Einstein’s relativity concept i guess… it does work perfectly in this case…

I hated Valentine’s day this year. My kids got me a teddy bear holding a heart and that was the sweetest thing that kept me from sobbing the whole fucking night.

so screw you cupid, I warn you, you better visit me for next year or i’m taking out my rage on you….