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What men want!!!

As a woman I definitely understand men’s dilemma about not knowing what we want, cause we honestly don’t know what we want so men might as well stop trying to know what women want. BUT, for a single woman, i have been trying to find out what men really want out of a relationship, their partner, work, life… I hope this post will be interactive so both genders will benefit.

To all the men out there, especially on wordpress, and especially my bloggers friends, please do tell us, poor single women what you want. Use the list below for reference if you want:

  • Should i wear make-up?
  • Should i be skinny?
  • Should i open my mouth and try to have a conversation?
  • is it ok to talk politics? religion? finance?
  • Should i be the strong woman that I am or play drama queen?
  • Should i offer to pay half the bill?
  • Should i wear high heels? I am tall already.
  • Should i be skinny or average is okay?
  • Should i wear all my clothes even to a casual outing?
  • Should i offer to meet you there or make you pick me up?
  • Should i play financially dependent on a male figure in my family? Even if I am not.
  • Should i pay half of my trip if we travel together even if you can afford it?
  • Should i keep my mouth shut even when you are wrong?
  • Should i nag?
  • Should i make the conversation sound like I am learning from you even if my knowledge i that area can teach a school?
  • Would my expensive car intimidate you? 
  • Should i be super woman? or Cinderella?
  • IS it okay if I like Rock music?
  • Eminem?
  • Is it okay if i am a single mom of two? I just want a date and some casual sex. Not a new husband (no thank you)

Men say men are easy to handle, simple beings, what we see is what we get, bla bla bla. That doesn’t seem to work anymore. Your help is highly appreciated cause it might help me get a date (laid) before i turn old and ugly. Dear ladies, your opinion is appreciated as well (#lebanonobserver). I am 38 and i can’t seem to figure this thing out. If i act strong they flee, if i act weak i’m a drama queen, if i eat a salad i’m boring, if i eat a burger i’m an insatiable cow, if i keep quiet i am opinionless, if i say my mind i am opinionated… So Botox is bad, yet wrinkles are a “forever alone” neon sign, Boob job is plastic yet natural boobs are disgusting and a sight to avoid………………………………………. 

New Year resolutions: eat less, drink less, travel more, have a boyfriend, laugh more and put some goddamn money aside… Should i even try to understand men in 2014? is it possible? achievable? I am willing if you think I should. 




Valentine! Damn you!!!

I came to funny conclusion this year about Valentine’s day.

If you’re in love, or married, or in any relationship (be it honest or a game), you kinda like Valentine’s day and look forward to it, no matter how old you are. My colleagues are all married or in a relationship, and they all had their expectations for this love day. One was hoping for a romantic dinner and a gift (of course, women hate it all if no blue box appears to top everything, and we always reply: you have done so much, there was no need…bla bla bla), another for a trip. an escapade (and a gift of course), one wanted a romantic night and plenty of hot kinky sex (and a gift of course)…. It’s nice to see the joy this day spreads around women. And boys i really hope you did your job well this year.

the funny thing about this day is how much it is hated by loners. we dread it and think it’s extremely stupid, insulting, outrageous and should be illegalized. We kinda liked it much more and waited for it anxiously when we had  some story going on.

hmmm…. Einstein’s relativity concept i guess… it does work perfectly in this case…

I hated Valentine’s day this year. My kids got me a teddy bear holding a heart and that was the sweetest thing that kept me from sobbing the whole fucking night.

so screw you cupid, I warn you, you better visit me for next year or i’m taking out my rage on you….