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Here we go again Beirut – Part III

7 days since the last blast rocked Beirut. Beirut you rock. All is dazzled and all is mad. I love how fast our mindless twisted schizophrenic politicians find words to say on TV and social media…

And today business as usual.
I don’t have any feelings anymore. I am numb and blank.

This is a call to Lebanon’s youth: HELP US. You are the only chunk of lebanese who actually can. Our generation is drained and disappointed. We do not believe in Lebanon anymore. We want to leave and have peace. We want to leave and find work. We want to leave and be alive. You still believe. You still frustrate. You still anger. take it to the streets. We did it in 2005. Save us cause no one else can. We fought for Syria to get out, you fight for unity. And for godssake do NOT vote.
This is a call to Lebanon’s leaders: You fucking suck. All of you. I wish the next suicider will save us from each and everyone of you. You have innocent blood on your hands while your blood still flows in your rotten veins. Each and everyone of you is responsible for our fear, frustration and anger.
This is a call to the bombers and suiciders: I beg of thee aim well. I beg of thee aim right. I beg of thee take out your target and only your target. Your cause; no matter how strong and god driven it is; has no success story. You are killing innocent people. If you are doing it in the name of God you fucking moron, God will not forgive you and i hope your skin burns inch by inch while you still live in hell you soulless bastard.
I hope you found that job my Lobnene friend… I sure as hell am looking…