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Stupid Ex-Husband

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I love how therapeutical blogging is becoming to me. I have always loved writing, and maybe someday I will have my own book, but this blog is helping me vent my anger in a civilized way.

When do I get full freedom from my ex-husband? Is he always gonna be around? I have two kids with him. is he always gonna be present? Is crime still illegal? I need to check… The fucking ass of a bitch of a bird minded man is threatening to change my kids’ school cause he cannot afford it anymore. PLEASE keep in mind that the loser fuck just came from a 21 days vacation trip with his girlfriend to the US. Why do men feel like the kids belong to the mom. We are Lebanese, the mom can never give her identity to the children. I wish I could cause I definitely would. 

To all the inconsiderate, rude, idiot, cruel, evil, weak, stupid, meaningless, loser, workless ex HUSBANDZEZ out there, we are your kids’ moms you fuckheads, we raise, feed, clothe, tutor, drive to activities, culture and nurture them. We spend all our energy, youth, beauty, passion, dreams and money on them so they grow up to be good beings and stable adults and treat the girls properly and decently. The only thing that you, braindead as a pebble, must do is pay for their education. So instead of going out every night, buying clothes, shoes, a new car, the latest phone, and definitely instead of taking your even stupider GF on a trip, keep my kids in a proper school. Where does it end? How can such a father get the heroic image? My kids love their dad. He is their hero in every sense. When will it be the right time to tell them what a loser he is? is it ever? should i protect his secret from the beings i cherish the most so they keep that hero idea of him? will they ever come around? and let me know they appreciate the sacrifice i did? will they ever see that sacrifice? When do we take our deserved statuses in the kids’ eyes? I want them to see, to realize, to appreciate, to learn and definitely not to redo the same mistakes nor make the same choices. 

I am very very angry…


Dear Ex-Husband, F… You

F… you for marrying me and treating me like the invisible bitch when I was treated like a princess at my parents’.

F… you for ruining my career cause i left everything to be with you and take care of you

F… you for neglecting me and making me think you are the only one in the world who could possibly love me

F… you for taking away the best years of my life, my youth

F… you for stealing my mental balance, my sexy physique, my love to life and my sexuality

F… you for putting your life back on track after ruining mine with divorce

F… you for treating your GF like a princess when all i asked for is some attention

F…you for our 8 years of a lousy marriage, the worst 8 years of my life

Dear Ex-Husband

Thank you for giving me back my life and most of all thank you for my two beautiful kids… 

But i never get enough of saying F… you!!!

Single Mommies give and give and give some more

The weekend is over and so is my salary. I had the kids for the weekend (Divorced with 2 kids) and since I am the one who finances the activities, I took my kids skiing.

So, simple calculation: (Hotel for the weekend, snowboard coach, equipment rental, skiing pass, breakfast, lunch and dinner) x 2 = Monday bank balance 0$ 

Kids need to realize that mommies can’t do it all, especially with a lousy ex-husband, sitting on his ass every day and never providing the alimony the stupid divorce contract said he would. 

Single moms I salute you. If you are going through the “Mom i want”, “Mom I need”,”Mom I feel like” then god be with us all. I know it for a fact that i still have a long way to go, and hopefully, just hopefully, my kids will grow up to be appreciative beings. Cause now, at 10& 7, they are 2 ungrateful brats, who think mommy is printing money bills. 

For all the moms who are working their butts off, I wish you a great and productive week. Hopefully next month’s salary would last until mid of the month, who knows…