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The indisputable power of Google

GOOGLE literally rocks. What a shining light in the world of ignorance. Thank you Google for all the lessons you taught me, the ignorant situations you saved me from. I am never sure until I consult you. I know about it all now (at least a notion). I know enough to open an interesting conversation and feel and sound intelligent. Science, tech, humanities, religion, history, geography, politics… No subject is Duhhhh anymore. 

To all the ignorant people out there, if you can read you can google. Please stop making lame excuses, it’s http://www.google.com, look it up and for godssake jsut GOOGLE IT. 

 The age of stupidity is over. The concept of more cultivated is dead, over, obsolete. We can all be cultivated. Educate yourselves people. And it’s for free. They call it the age of information for something and I am sure as hell gonna dig for as much information for as long as i can and for as hard as my brain can take…

Thank you Google. You Rock!!!!!!! Image