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For Mother’s day

Mothers day is coming up, it’s march twenty first

I beg of you do not forget my flower and my gift

promise me you won’t forget my kiss and my hug

my “I love you momie dearest, you are my pride

you are my strength, my power and my fist

without you my soul would go lost and adrift

i am more meaningless than the stupidest bug

unless you stand beside and call me my bride”

I would hug you with all my heart, my soul and my being

make sure my arms would hold on tight to my two human being

the two humans i have given birth to and grown into children 

 of whom I shall never let go and never get tired of the burden

i shall never let go and i shall always protect, love and cherish

these two beings that call me momie until the day I perish

Do not forget Mothers day my beautiful kids, I beg of thee

So I know that this journey was well deserved and all so worthy




Single Mommies give and give and give some more

The weekend is over and so is my salary. I had the kids for the weekend (Divorced with 2 kids) and since I am the one who finances the activities, I took my kids skiing.

So, simple calculation: (Hotel for the weekend, snowboard coach, equipment rental, skiing pass, breakfast, lunch and dinner) x 2 = Monday bank balance 0$ 

Kids need to realize that mommies can’t do it all, especially with a lousy ex-husband, sitting on his ass every day and never providing the alimony the stupid divorce contract said he would. 

Single moms I salute you. If you are going through the “Mom i want”, “Mom I need”,”Mom I feel like” then god be with us all. I know it for a fact that i still have a long way to go, and hopefully, just hopefully, my kids will grow up to be appreciative beings. Cause now, at 10& 7, they are 2 ungrateful brats, who think mommy is printing money bills. 

For all the moms who are working their butts off, I wish you a great and productive week. Hopefully next month’s salary would last until mid of the month, who knows…