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My dad and technology, a beautiful love story

My dad is 68 years old. He is an ex general and a lawyer. So growing up with him (and under his rule) wasn’t always easy.

He never did trust technology. Technology was that thing that used to be in a box, emitting black and white animated images, became a flat screen and the images turned colorful.

Until very very recently, like Christmas 2013, my dad had the Motorola mobile phone. yes, the motorola mobile phone.  Until my bro got him the new Samsung 4. Remind you, he is retired, 68 and my mom’s life long only partner. I am sure you all have a sample at home. My mom got herself the biggest gift she could ever get, an occupation, when she turned 55. No news, my dad retired and came back home. It was either that catering company idea or life in prison. I am almost sure they would have killed each other.

and so TECHNOLOGY AVAILS to my father. He is asking a million question per day. He is asking the same question a million time over and over again. I don’t get it. is our generation born technologically adapted? why is it so easy to handle it, understand it, operate it? why is it so hard for him to simply flip through the Samsung pages? he presses so hard EVERY F… TIME that the page goes into the edit mode. Dad, just slide it, one finger, gently, smoothly. and it just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen. 

We take technology so much for granted now that we expect every being to handle it as fast as we do. Every time we sit together he has a list with all these questions that never seem to end. It is never a wrap for any subject. It is crazy. and then you see every sibling of mine starting by being gentle and balanced and trying to teach him stuff, and ending up screaming and shouting and cursing the fucking second my dad got an android phone. The guy used to teach math as a part time recruit in the military school. So the brain is definitely there and very operational. We added Dad to the family group chat on whatsapp. Oh my freaking lord. he hammers us with a thousand message in a day. It feels like teenage years again. We have to say Good morning and Good night every day, he checks on our kids 3 times a day, he keeps us well informed and tells us of any breaking news. He is having a blast there and i love it. The best moment of the day is his morning message: “BONJOUR SHABEIB”. 

I love you pap and I love how technologically impaired you are. I am sure you will get the hang of it. You got the hang of every aspect of our lives…