I wish I can

I often take myself on a journey, an imaginative one, very very far from our reality. Maybe because i travel a lot I could have a detailed idea of this much desired reality. Let’s see. Close your eyes and imagine with me.

6.00 am: the alarm rings and you energetically jump out of bed, get into the bathtub, open the water and water actually runs down

6.30 am: wake the kids up, prepare snacks for school, run down to meet the bus and the bus is actually on time

7.00 am: head to beirut, to work. I do live in Kaslik and commute to Beirut every day. So imagine getting to the office by 8am.

8.45am to 4.00pm: office work. I love my job but it’s like everything we try to do in this country seems to take time and lots and lots of money. So imagine getting some things actually done.

4.00pm i am exhausted and hungry so i jump into my car and head home. Imagine getting home within a 15 to 20 minutes drive.

8.00pm i have cooked for tomorrow, got my kids ready for school, supervised their studies, prepared dinner, got them to take their showers, put them to bed and now it’s time to watch the news. and OHHHHHH MYYYY LORDDDDD what a Hugeeeeee mistake to watch the fucking news. ISIS is around the corner, Ebola is flying in soon, the refugees, the viruses, the anger, the frustration, the kidnapping, the poverty, the family clashes, the crime rate, the inflation…

9.00pm off to bed, exhausted, scared, broke and very mad and imagine actually sleeping.

I do not know where we are getting to but i sure as hell hate the ride…


3 thoughts on “I wish I can”

  1. One mistake you have done, which is watching news 😃…btw, u’r a super survival woman who didn’t crack down when uprising kinds, work, cook, survive the electricity cut off and water, and surely the chaostic traffic jam when commuting. Thumb up!

    1. 🙂 thank you for the thumbs up. I survived much more than that and all of the above is what I signed up for, so…… I do recognize the mortal destructive mistake though. No more news watching…

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