Spilling out some anger

Let’s spill out some anger on wordpress, it’s always cheaper than therapy and less damaging than any medication.

So, how would a 38 single mother of two with no time for a manicure get the hours and the energy for a boyfriend? Lebanese men are quite demanding. Leb women have to be well dressed and well groomed to meet her bf regardless of the fucked day she has had. I salute you ladies. Where do you find the time? I leave home at 7am to get to my office at 8.15 (i live quite far), to work until 4 and get home by 5.30pm. I get home to 2 kids asking for some momie love, attention and homework help. Then super momie jumps into the kitchen for some momie food for next day’s lunch. Momie prepares dinner and sends to shower, momie tucks in bed and ends up in a comatic state on the couch drooling all over the hand rest and waking up around midnight to discover she fell asleep, once again, in her clothes, on the sofa with the TV on, during a romantic love story movie… Momie failed to mention that she lives in a fucked up country, on a brisk of a civil war (or some cult named Da3esh would slaughter us all and eat our hearts out), in a country with no electricity, no water, no securities, no hope, no happiness…. Well let’s just say that momie is not living. that sums up all momie’s fucked up mood. and let’s wrap it up by saying that momie feels very lonely yet not up to the high demands of a boyfriend. That’s how badly momie is messed up. Signed: Momie.


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