Here we go again Beirut – part II

A month and 8 days since the last blast in Beirut. So basically the innocent people who died in November are still roaming the earth (since the soul needs 40 days to ascend to its creator (GOD)). I guess they will help the innocent people who died today find the right way up (or down). SO why is it that everytime innocent people pay the price. the news are saying that only 2 bodies out of 6 have been identified, so i thought to myself, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother and maybe children out there, do not know that someone they unconditionally love died today. Why? 

I work very close to where the blast occurred. I drive on that road every morning to reach my office and every evening to go back to my kids. if that blast would have been an hour earlier i could’ve been one of these 6 people who died today. and my mom, my father, my sister, my two brothers and my children would have been the ones roaming the hospitals looking to find my corpse and identify a jane-do. Why?

Where does it end and how can we stop it? I want security for my kids. I want to go to work without the journey being a road down to hell (since i am almost sure i won’t make it to heaven). I want to go out with my friends and drink and dance and play idiots. I want to travel on romantic escapades and show my kids the world without being afraid the whole time.

So this is a cry for help addressed to:

1- ANY employer in need of ANY employee in ANY part of the world except here

2- ANY man in need of a woman to marry, i can cook, clean, do laundry, bear children (already have two, can only produce two more), work (went to a reputable american university), four-lingual, friendly, funny, a bit fat, a bit crazy, a lot frustrated. interested candidates must be holders of: American passport (1st choice), Canadian passport (2nd choice), European passport (3rd), Arab passport, Jungle passport, f…… Timbuktu passport is accepted.

I am sorry Beirut, i can’t take your shit anymore. You are whoring around with your dumb rulers and you have left your children to perish in your arms…



A dim light in pitch black darkness

With everything happening in the world today,  especially in our beloved country of the cedar and the Phoenicians, u get the chance once in a while to go out and have a blast on a Saturday night.  Yesterday was one of these crazy nights.  It happened to be my young brother’s bday, the right crowd was there (my kind of crowd at least), the perfect music was playing (some 80s & 90s and some rock), the snacks, the drinks…. it was one of these nights that makes me think twice of accepting that overseas job i applied to to escape the bitter reality of the country I live in. 
Then morning come, you turn on the TV and hear some crazy people playing nostradamus and telling us how fucked up our 2014 is going to be. Get ready people, the UNCHR has reported a number of 4.000.000 refugees in 2014. Every lebanese will have the social and financial burden of a syrian refugee.
I guess the plan has changed once again, the plan for a new house has to wait, again.
I hate the imbalance I’m feeling. The “should I go or should I stay” song repeating its play for the past 10 years now. I need a new song in my life…

The indisputable power of Google

GOOGLE literally rocks. What a shining light in the world of ignorance. Thank you Google for all the lessons you taught me, the ignorant situations you saved me from. I am never sure until I consult you. I know about it all now (at least a notion). I know enough to open an interesting conversation and feel and sound intelligent. Science, tech, humanities, religion, history, geography, politics… No subject is Duhhhh anymore. 

To all the ignorant people out there, if you can read you can google. Please stop making lame excuses, it’s, look it up and for godssake jsut GOOGLE IT. 

 The age of stupidity is over. The concept of more cultivated is dead, over, obsolete. We can all be cultivated. Educate yourselves people. And it’s for free. They call it the age of information for something and I am sure as hell gonna dig for as much information for as long as i can and for as hard as my brain can take…

Thank you Google. You Rock!!!!!!! Image

Spilling out some anger

Let’s spill out some anger on wordpress, it’s always cheaper than therapy and less damaging than any medication.

So, how would a 38 single mother of two with no time for a manicure get the hours and the energy for a boyfriend? Lebanese men are quite demanding. Leb women have to be well dressed and well groomed to meet her bf regardless of the fucked day she has had. I salute you ladies. Where do you find the time? I leave home at 7am to get to my office at 8.15 (i live quite far), to work until 4 and get home by 5.30pm. I get home to 2 kids asking for some momie love, attention and homework help. Then super momie jumps into the kitchen for some momie food for next day’s lunch. Momie prepares dinner and sends to shower, momie tucks in bed and ends up in a comatic state on the couch drooling all over the hand rest and waking up around midnight to discover she fell asleep, once again, in her clothes, on the sofa with the TV on, during a romantic love story movie… Momie failed to mention that she lives in a fucked up country, on a brisk of a civil war (or some cult named Da3esh would slaughter us all and eat our hearts out), in a country with no electricity, no water, no securities, no hope, no happiness…. Well let’s just say that momie is not living. that sums up all momie’s fucked up mood. and let’s wrap it up by saying that momie feels very lonely yet not up to the high demands of a boyfriend. That’s how badly momie is messed up. Signed: Momie.