Here we go again Beirut

And here we go again my beloved country. The country of the Arzeh, the tabbouleh and the fucking shakhtoura.

today’s blast claimed 23 lives so far and the count is not over. When does it stop? The media reported most of the incident falsely at the beginning. it took two hours to get the story straight. an al qaeda group claims proud responsibility of the attack. sunnites and chiites hate each other. christians are torn into two parties therefore hate each other. there is a forgotten war happening in Tripoli (Lebanon’s second largest city). the country is paralysed and no sector is properly working. the syrians in our country count more than the lebanese. let’s not forget the inflation. life is costing us a bundle nowadays. god help us with the traffic and the completely nerve wrecked people. we have no water, no electricity, no work, no money, no patience, no hope, no security but thank GOD we are celebrating our INDEPENDENCE day in 3 days…