Greed vs. Ambition

I had a long discussion with a man I am madly in love with (with his brain, his physique, his views for life,…) but that’s a different story; about the difference between greed and ambition. Come think of it, there’s a very thin line separating greed and ambition and I doubt the human of today is seeing it. When does ambition stop and turns into greed? If you want to achieve more, are you ambitious or geedy? Our discussion started about being content, appreciating what life has to offer and what we as humans have had the chance to achieve. But we fast realized that “content” is an obsolete word, a dead concept, a used-to-be state of mind. Nowadays we can never be content. We are teaching our kids not to be content. We want them to have it all, do it all and become it all… and we go sob at the shrink that our kids are sucking the life out of us, abusing every dollar we have and never appreciating what we give them. We are giving so much and it’s never enough. I hear the statement all around me, I even use it on every occasion I get where I can play victim. We are turning our kids into greedy beings and self centered humans. So, I would really appreciate some input on this subject. What is ambition? And what is greed? I’m not talking about book definitions, I’m talking about today’s life and what is has become, is there really a way to separate them????


5 thoughts on “Greed vs. Ambition”

  1. Hmm, I think it all depends on the goal itself. If the goal is simple personal monetary gain, or fame, it is greed. If the goal has a bigger benefit not tied to mere personal profit, it is ambition.

    I also have to say that greedy people tend to be quite ambitious..

  2. From my little humble experience:
    1. ambition is the right of every human being to be evolved in his career, in his social life, or elsewhere. it is the pure state of future goal to anyone.
    2. greed is when you have reached your ambition and you are still not satisfied, plus you don’t take into consideration others, you do step on them morally and maybe physically. one will be unstoppable and will lose his human characters step by step.

    Am I close or shooting in dark?

    1. You are very close. But, regarding point 2. Why can’t it be just a bigger and farther ambition? Should we stop once we get to a goal we have set at a certain age and time? Are we greedy if we wanted more after reaching our initial goal? I like the stepping on others to differentiate the two concepts. What do you think?

      1. I am not the expert here, but the ambition is not one goal you put in for the coming for the coming 10 years, you put maybe one goal in career path, another in social life, and in others sectors, and you can work on them in parallel or one by one. But once you reach one goal in any sector, you set up a new one but following the ethical rules and taking into consideration the family case and consult with them cause nothing comes without sacrifice. if one can set the new target without affecting or changing his daily life habits and behavior it would be great…again I could easily be wrong.

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