Dear Ex-Husband, F… You

F… you for marrying me and treating me like the invisible bitch when I was treated like a princess at my parents’.

F… you for ruining my career cause i left everything to be with you and take care of you

F… you for neglecting me and making me think you are the only one in the world who could possibly love me

F… you for taking away the best years of my life, my youth

F… you for stealing my mental balance, my sexy physique, my love to life and my sexuality

F… you for putting your life back on track after ruining mine with divorce

F… you for treating your GF like a princess when all i asked for is some attention

F…you for our 8 years of a lousy marriage, the worst 8 years of my life

Dear Ex-Husband

Thank you for giving me back my life and most of all thank you for my two beautiful kids… 

But i never get enough of saying F… you!!!


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