Valentine Valentine

So Tomorrow is Valentine…

What was the story of St. Valentine again? I think we lost track of the true story just like Christmas and Easter. It’s about a saint that historians think never existed in the first place.

So… Happy Valentine’s day everybody..

we’re celebrating love and relations. That’s an amazing idea to make people spend money over flowers and gifts. some girls take this thing so seriously it hurts. A friend of mine would not go out to dinner with me to stay with her husband home. please take note that her husband is having some boys over to watch the soccer game. SOOOOO………

LOVE in my case is: Lonely On Valentine’s Eve

Plan for tonight: take my sister / best friend to a walk by the beach (the weather is amazing in Lebanon) and a dinner. Perfect Valentine’s eve.

to all the single ones out there, i wish you a busier valentine’s eve next year, and to all the lovers, I wish you a romantic dinner, a gift that you actually want to get and a wild night of sex…

Until next year, who knows…


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