Single Mommies give and give and give some more

The weekend is over and so is my salary. I had the kids for the weekend (Divorced with 2 kids) and since I am the one who finances the activities, I took my kids skiing.

So, simple calculation: (Hotel for the weekend, snowboard coach, equipment rental, skiing pass, breakfast, lunch and dinner) x 2 = Monday bank balance 0$ 

Kids need to realize that mommies can’t do it all, especially with a lousy ex-husband, sitting on his ass every day and never providing the alimony the stupid divorce contract said he would. 

Single moms I salute you. If you are going through the “Mom i want”, “Mom I need”,”Mom I feel like” then god be with us all. I know it for a fact that i still have a long way to go, and hopefully, just hopefully, my kids will grow up to be appreciative beings. Cause now, at 10& 7, they are 2 ungrateful brats, who think mommy is printing money bills. 

For all the moms who are working their butts off, I wish you a great and productive week. Hopefully next month’s salary would last until mid of the month, who knows…



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