Marriages in LaLa Land

I am divorced!

No longer a shameful thing to say and admit. It’s rather a statement of: I ain’t taking your shit anymore babe… Divorce was a taboo, a shame on the family and a disgrace in society. My kids have friends of divorced parents more than friends of married parents. Kids can relate now, they are no longer left out and bullied for having divorced parents. They are quite at ease when they say: “my dad does not live with us”, “this weekend i am at dad’s”, … what has the sacred concept of marriage come to? is it all gone? has it vanished with all the other morales we have lost in this millennium?

My theory of a successful marriage is a partnership, a friendship and a consensus. Lower your expectations, fuck it, erase them all. No party can meet the expectations of marriage. To keep the person you love that you have fought the world to get him to walk you down that aisle and say I do, you gotta lower your expectations till they hit the ground. And maybe then, just maybe, you can actually survive the first seven years. Who knows…


One thought on “Marriages in LaLa Land”

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