Greed vs. Ambition

I had a long discussion with a man I am madly in love with (with his brain, his physique, his views for life,…) but that’s a different story; about the difference between greed and ambition. Come think of it, there’s a very thin line separating greed and ambition and I doubt the human of today is seeing it. When does ambition stop and turns into greed? If you want to achieve more, are you ambitious or geedy? Our discussion started about being content, appreciating what life has to offer and what we as humans have had the chance to achieve. But we fast realized that “content” is an obsolete word, a dead concept, a used-to-be state of mind. Nowadays we can never be content. We are teaching our kids not to be content. We want them to have it all, do it all and become it all… and we go sob at the shrink that our kids are sucking the life out of us, abusing every dollar we have and never appreciating what we give them. We are giving so much and it’s never enough. I hear the statement all around me, I even use it on every occasion I get where I can play victim. We are turning our kids into greedy beings and self centered humans. So, I would really appreciate some input on this subject. What is ambition? And what is greed? I’m not talking about book definitions, I’m talking about today’s life and what is has become, is there really a way to separate them????


Dear Ex-Husband, F… You

F… you for marrying me and treating me like the invisible bitch when I was treated like a princess at my parents’.

F… you for ruining my career cause i left everything to be with you and take care of you

F… you for neglecting me and making me think you are the only one in the world who could possibly love me

F… you for taking away the best years of my life, my youth

F… you for stealing my mental balance, my sexy physique, my love to life and my sexuality

F… you for putting your life back on track after ruining mine with divorce

F… you for treating your GF like a princess when all i asked for is some attention

F…you for our 8 years of a lousy marriage, the worst 8 years of my life

Dear Ex-Husband

Thank you for giving me back my life and most of all thank you for my two beautiful kids… 

But i never get enough of saying F… you!!!

Valentine! Damn you!!!

I came to funny conclusion this year about Valentine’s day.

If you’re in love, or married, or in any relationship (be it honest or a game), you kinda like Valentine’s day and look forward to it, no matter how old you are. My colleagues are all married or in a relationship, and they all had their expectations for this love day. One was hoping for a romantic dinner and a gift (of course, women hate it all if no blue box appears to top everything, and we always reply: you have done so much, there was no need…bla bla bla), another for a trip. an escapade (and a gift of course), one wanted a romantic night and plenty of hot kinky sex (and a gift of course)…. It’s nice to see the joy this day spreads around women. And boys i really hope you did your job well this year.

the funny thing about this day is how much it is hated by loners. we dread it and think it’s extremely stupid, insulting, outrageous and should be illegalized. We kinda liked it much more and waited for it anxiously when we had  some story going on.

hmmm…. Einstein’s relativity concept i guess… it does work perfectly in this case…

I hated Valentine’s day this year. My kids got me a teddy bear holding a heart and that was the sweetest thing that kept me from sobbing the whole fucking night.

so screw you cupid, I warn you, you better visit me for next year or i’m taking out my rage on you….

Valentine Valentine

So Tomorrow is Valentine…

What was the story of St. Valentine again? I think we lost track of the true story just like Christmas and Easter. It’s about a saint that historians think never existed in the first place.

So… Happy Valentine’s day everybody..

we’re celebrating love and relations. That’s an amazing idea to make people spend money over flowers and gifts. some girls take this thing so seriously it hurts. A friend of mine would not go out to dinner with me to stay with her husband home. please take note that her husband is having some boys over to watch the soccer game. SOOOOO………

LOVE in my case is: Lonely On Valentine’s Eve

Plan for tonight: take my sister / best friend to a walk by the beach (the weather is amazing in Lebanon) and a dinner. Perfect Valentine’s eve.

to all the single ones out there, i wish you a busier valentine’s eve next year, and to all the lovers, I wish you a romantic dinner, a gift that you actually want to get and a wild night of sex…

Until next year, who knows…

Single Mommies give and give and give some more

The weekend is over and so is my salary. I had the kids for the weekend (Divorced with 2 kids) and since I am the one who finances the activities, I took my kids skiing.

So, simple calculation: (Hotel for the weekend, snowboard coach, equipment rental, skiing pass, breakfast, lunch and dinner) x 2 = Monday bank balance 0$ 

Kids need to realize that mommies can’t do it all, especially with a lousy ex-husband, sitting on his ass every day and never providing the alimony the stupid divorce contract said he would. 

Single moms I salute you. If you are going through the “Mom i want”, “Mom I need”,”Mom I feel like” then god be with us all. I know it for a fact that i still have a long way to go, and hopefully, just hopefully, my kids will grow up to be appreciative beings. Cause now, at 10& 7, they are 2 ungrateful brats, who think mommy is printing money bills. 

For all the moms who are working their butts off, I wish you a great and productive week. Hopefully next month’s salary would last until mid of the month, who knows…


Bumblebee is coming to life!!!!

When my 7 year old boy first watched Transformers the movie, he immediately connected to Bumblebee and asked me if we can bring bumblebee to live with us, at home. Being the cool I am, I had a long discussion with him about movies and Hollywood and reality and led him to a conclusion that bumblebee can only live in this boxed machine that we call tv cause this is where our imagination can have its craze come true. What do I tell him now? That we can actually buy a bumblebee and we can have him at home???? When is it gonna stop? Hasn’t technology ruined us enough already? I might be wrongly scared and it’s nothing, who knows….

Stomp in Beirut

They have come to Beirut before but I never had the chance to see them. I went to Stomp yesterday night with my 9 year old daughter.  This amazing group of 8 people composed music on anything you find in  a dumpster. Imagine cans, bins, brooms, canes, pipes, flexible pipes, supermarket trolleys, water bottles… it was insanely creative and entertaining. The audience was so quiet and responsive you could clearly hear the effect of sweeping the floor.
At first you would feel they are making noise and then the noise turns into an unbelievably synchronized beat. Simply amazing and very very fun.
I hope everyone gets to see it.
I had planned a special night for me and my kid, and special does not give justice to Stomp. hopefully Lebanon will one day have such creative minds cause we have a lot of garbage that can be used. Who knows…..